юридическая компания
г.Одесса ул. Дерибасовская 33, офис 15

Из других стран:
+38 (048) 799-11-98;
+38 (067) 709-77-47;
+38 (096) 383-05-52;
Звонки По Украине:
тел. 0 (48) 799-11-98
тел. 0 (67) 709-77-47
тел. 0 (96) 383-05-52

"Pravovoy Aspect" law firm offers its clients a new level of legal and accounting counseling services, where the main principles are quality work in the shortest period of time, adherence to the agreed price of services and individual approach to each client.

   We work to help you in the following areas:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring 
  • Company and partnership formation and dissolution 
  • Joint venture and shareholder agreements
  • Corporate litigation
  • registration of any forms of companies and permanent representatives offices of non-residents in Ukraine;
  • real estate and land;
  • representation in courts and arbitrations, including international arbitration forums;
  • labor and HR issues, including obtaining work permits for foreigners in Ukraine
  • privatization;
  • obtaining all types of permits and licenses;
  • all registration procedures.

         Our firm operates in Odessa and Odessa region. With our long-term clients we work all over Ukraine.

After registration and formation of your company, we generally provide information support, legal and accounting support in all the areas of financial and economic activities of your company.

     We act as a local counsel to several foreign law firms.  We have a substantial experience of work  with foreign and international companies, offshore, onshore companies, their representatives and subsidiaries in Ukraine and foreign private investors from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Bulgaria, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Israel, Moldova, Greece, Turkey, China, Belise, Panama.

     We sign an agreement with all our clients which defines every action that we undertake, with specified cost of service and time in which it will be delivired. The main thing is that you pay partially after certain stage is accomplished. So you will get no unpleasant "surprises". There is a flexible system of discounts for our regular clients.

English speaking sel\phone +380963830552
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